7 benefits of gooseberry that are better than treating coughs

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Gooseberry is a small fruit but high in vitamin C. It may be a fruit that many people are not familiar with. But if you know the benefits you get from this fruit Believe that it will make many people It is possible for people to hurry and find something to eat. Today we have gathered together the benefits of gooseberry to share with you ladies. We got to โปรโมชั่น ufabet know. Guaranteed that you will definitely like it.

Gooseberry benefits

1. Relieve cough and sore throat

for many people who know about gooseberry. You may already know that this fruit is very helpful in relieving coughs and sore throats. That’s because gooseberry is rich in vitamin C and tannins. It also has a sour taste that helps dissolve phlegm and improves the voice. Therefore, it can be seen that some hospitals have taken gooseberry to make a cough medicine and registered it as traditional medicine.

2. Treats fever

. As you know, gooseberry contains vitamin C and tannins. These substances are substances that help strengthen the body’s immunity. Therefore, it can cure fever from changing weather conditions very well. Those who have a fever can take the fruit, seeds or roots from the gooseberry and squeeze it to drink. It will help solve the existing symptoms. Because gooseberry juice is considered a medicine that helps reduce and help remove heat from the body.

3. Relieve toothache

For anyone who often has toothache Symptoms can be alleviated by eating gooseberry. Or you can boil the Indian gooseberry stalk with water and then suck or rinse your mouth, it helps a lot. That’s because gooseberry is a fruit rich in vitamin C that helps relieve such symptoms well.

4. Quench your thirst

by eating fresh gooseberry. Effectively quenches and reduces thirst. Because of biting gooseberry This will cause the gooseberry juice to seep out. It is the water that seeps from the gooseberry that helps relieve dry throat. And if you drink plain water, It will make you feel even more refreshed.

5. Cure itchy rashes

for any girls who have itchy rashes. or have skin inflammation It is recommended to boil Indian gooseberry leaves for use in bathing. Or use the method of burning the seeds and grinding them finely. Mixed with oil Stir the ingredients together. Then apply it to the wound This alone will help relieve rashes, help heal wounds, and cure scald poisoning.

6. Treat asthma

As for the treatment of asthma with gooseberry, The method is used to take the seeds of the gooseberry and pound them into powder. Then take it and drink it with hot water. This can help relieve asthma symptoms.

7. Nourish skin

Because gooseberry is rich in vitamin C. Therefore, it helps to nourish the skin well. It also helps delay the appearance of wrinkles. As well as helping the facial skin to shine brighter as well. To nourish the skin with gooseberry, girls can do it by raining gooseberry and then applying the water to the face or skin. That’s it, it’s finished.

In addition to these properties Gooseberry also has many other properties, such as helping prevent cancer. Helps control blood sugar levels Helps prevent heart disease and stroke, etc.