Beautiful skin with wet tamarind A great item

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Tamarind is a herb that is very popular to use to make the skin beautiful. Because tamarind contains natural acids that will help peel off old skin cells. It can make your skin whiter. But how do you use tamarind for beauty ? We have some advice for you.

1.Face mask

Masking the face with wet tamarind Shouldn’t be left on for a long time. The appropriate time is 5-10 minutes because if the mask is longer than this, the acid of tamarinds may cause irritation to the delicate facial skin of girls and should be mixed with other ingredients as well to reduce the effect of the AHA acid. Too harsh, such as mixing honey, fresh milk and yogurt By masking your face with tamarind paste, it is considered that girls will get a clear face formula that is easy to make from the nature around them.

2. Exfoliate facial skin

Tamarind scrubs the facial skin. It is considered another formula for a clear face that girls like. Many people do it very popularly. Just mash the tamarinds pulp with warm water and use it to scrub your face. It turns out to be a tamarind scrub recipe that is easy to make. ทางเข้า ufabet But the result is to have a naturally white and radiant facial skin. It also gently stimulates old, deteriorated skin cells to fall off. You should gently scrub your skin for about 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

3. Exfoliate the body

The most effective steps for skin care are that girls should exfoliate after showering and cleaning their skin. By mixing tamarind with water until it becomes thick. Then scrub it down onto the skin until it’s all over. Focus on rough spots and dark spots such as knees, elbows, armpits and feet, etc. Scrub in circular motion for about 10-15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. In addition to scrubbing the face, it’s a clear face formula that girls like. It’s already popular. Using tamarind to scrub your body is popular among girls. Many people also want to have white, clear skin. Because the acid from tamarind helps peel off old, dead skin cells. Reveals new, brighter skin. So, any girls who have problems with dull skin? Using the tamarind formula to exfoliate the skin will definitely not disappoint.


1. Using tamarind to scrub the skin Whether it’s on the body or facial skin. and even a facial mask It is recommended that you do not do this more than 2 times a week because it will disturb your skin too much. Otherwise, it may cause skin irritation.

2. After scrubbing the skin or masking the face with wet tamarind. You should nourish your skin with cream and lotion all over to add moisture to the skin. And you should apply sunscreen every day. To protect the skin from UV rays, the skin will be naturally white and radiant. Don’t have to go back to being dull again.

And this is how to use tamarind to take care of your skin to make it beautiful, white, and radiant. Tamarind scrub formula. These face masks It can be both a clear face formula Any girl who wants to have a clear face and beautiful skin, don’t forget to follow this.