Benefits of “Kaffir lime” , an herb with many medicinal properties

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    Kaffir lime is an herb that has been popularly used since ancient times. Whether used in cooking Helps maintain health and beauty. Or even planted for good fortune In addition, kaffir lime also has many other benefits and properties that should not be overlooked.

Kaffir lime root

 The roots of Kaffir lime are bland and cool. Can help relieve fever, neutralize toxic symptoms, and relieve colic. Fever jab Antidote for internal abscesses and helps with toxic phlegm symptoms

 Kaffir lime skin

 The skin of kaffir lime can help cure insomnia. By grinding the skin of kaffir lime with licorice roots, phlai, chiang phra, turmeric and then boiling water to drink.

 It is a heart tonic. Take about 1 tablespoon of freshly sliced ​​kaffir lime skin and mix it with borneol or camphor, brew it in boiling water and leave it to soak. Then drink it.

 Helps relieve fainting, dizziness, and dizziness. By brewing thinly sliced ​​kaffir lime peel with boiling water and adding a little camphor. Drink it to relieve symptoms.

 Helps expel gas in the intestines Can relieve colic, bloating, and abdominal distension.

 Helps flush out toxins in the body through the skin by using kaffir lime skin as an ingredient in herbal saunas. 

   Kaffir lime leaves

 Helps relieve coughing and vomiting blood.

 Helps relieve bruising

 Kaffir lime leaves are rich in beta-carotene, which helps in slowing down the proliferation of cancer cells and helps fight cancer.

Kaffir lime fruit 

Helps relieve coughing and expels phlegm by cutting kaffir lime in half and heating it until soft, then slowly squeezing the kaffir lime juice down the throat a little at a time will help relieve symptoms.

Helps purify the blood by taking fresh kaffir lime fruit, cutting it into 2 halves, then fermenting it with salt or honey for about 1 month, then pouring out only drinking water.  And helps relieve stomach pain Or use it as a medicine to relieve stomach pain in young children. By taking the kaffir lime fruit and scooping out the middle. Put the ยูฟ่าเบท in and close the cork.

 Helps expel menstruation and expels gas. Kaffir lime fruits are pickled to make sour pickled medicine to eat. Helps relieve sticky saliva 

 Relieve dandruff in the stomach 

 Treats menstrual problems and promotes menstruation 

 Helps expel gas in the intestines In addition, the juice from the kaffir lime fruit can also be use to cure bleeding gums. By rubbing a thin layer of kaffir lime juice on the gums after cleaning your teeth, it will help relieve bleeding gums.

Kaffir lime repels mosquitoes and insects.          

Kaffir lime contains a lot of essential oils, which have a pungent odor. Therefore, they can be used to repel some insects, such as moths and ants that live in rice. By using fresh kaffir lime leaves, tearing the leaves into 2 parts to release the smell and then putting them in a bucket of rice will prevent weevils and ants from growing in the rice. And if you’re bitten by a leech, put kaffir lime in the area where the leeches are, it will make the leeches come out on their own. In addition, kaffir lime can be used to repel mosquitoes and get rid of larvae. By drying the peel and then burning it, it can repel mosquitoes.