Make wrong life changes! How to choose safety plug

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Make the wrong choice, life changes! How to choose a safety plug

Choosing to use a trailer plug is more important than you think. Did you know that power strips are almost essential devices that every home must have? And most people tend to think that they can use any kind. Choose the cheapest one first. likely to use as well but wait If you think this way, you are completely wrong. Because there is no cheap and good in the world. A single plug socket may be a silent threat that can cause a fire in the whole house.

In this article, I will introduce how to choose and buy a power strip that meets the standards. and safe But first. Let’s get to know each type of trailer plug better at สมัคร ufabet.

What types of trailer plugs are there?

Type 1: Three-eyed plug or 2-pin trailer plug, this name has call for a long time. It’s call the three-eye plug. Because it originated from a power strip in the past that had 3 plug holes for plugging in. Therefore, the villagers affectionately called it the three-eyed plug. Can use in general, such as plugging in a fan Charge your phone or tablet,

type 2, cable reel plug The plug is a roll for storing and pulling out the power cord for use in one unit. Often used with multiple electrical appliances at the same time in a wide area, such as plugging in many fans in a party around the house.

Type 3, rubber block plug.The material is rubber to reduce shock. Easy to carry, can use for a long time, simple shape. Mostly used for mechanic work such as wood sawing and iron work.

Type 4 Power filter plug is a high-priced plug. There are outlets that can support up to 8 outlets. There is a function to help filter video and audio signals. cause no interference It also prevents power surges as well. Often used in the home office Or a mini-hall that hosts a festive event, such as plugging in an LED screen, music player, audio system,

type 5, surge-proof plug It is a plug that has a lightning surge protection feature. explosion transformer It will also include a surge protection circuit. Anyone who wants to use this power plug should install a ground wire for safety as well. They are often use in the house for general work. Such as plugging in TVs, refrigerators

7 ways to buy a trailer plug How to choose to be safe according to standards

  1. And on the product

2. The socket must be 3 poles, with a safety curtain covering every socket hole to prevent foreign matter. And have a ground wire terminal

3. The socket must be a 3 round leg, all 3 legs cannot rotate out. and insulate electric current at the base of the plug pin To prevent if your finger touches the base of the socket pin. And most importantly, there must be a symbol indicating the TIS No. 166-2549 as well.

4. trailer plug or power strip Must made of flame retardant materials such as AVC plastic, ABS plastic or polycarbonate. That passed the UL94 standard

5. Overcurrent protection. If the electrical outlet has 3 or more outlets, it must have an overcurrent protection device or a Circuit Breaker because when the current exceeds, the breaker will automatically cut off the power

Finally, I have some precautions for using the trailer plug as well

Absolutely do not use damaged power plugs such as broken wire insulation. The power cable is repaire or wrap in tape. The socket and outlet burnt. Because of the risk of short circuit It might even reach the point of a fire.

  • Do not bring the power strip to install permanently. Because the power strip is designe to use temporarily. If we install it like that. It will damage easily and deteriorate.
  • Do not use extension sockets with large appliances or appliances that require electricity all the time, such as refrigerators, water coolers, etc.
  • Do not use multi-level power strips. Because it may cause the wires to overheat and cause a short circuit.
  • Turn off electrical appliances before plugging in a power strip.
  • Unplug after use short circuit protection