Charlton believes there is a chance to defeat ghosts to OTF

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Charlton Athletic striker Miles Leburn believes they have a chance to beat Manchester United in the League Cup

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19-year-old is the son of Carl Leburn, who scored a goal at Old Trafford in 1994, despite the hosts winning the game. With the score at 3-1

, Leyburn revealed his father spoke about the pressure at United but expressed confidence he would do well.

“He told me that there will be a lot of pressure against United, but you have to deal with it cool and don’t lose the pressure,” he told UFABET .

. “He believed in me and my abilities. And he knows that I can do good work. It’s just up to me.

In addition, Leburn said about the game that “Obviously we were excited about the draw because United is such a big club. Especially playing at Old Trafford, this is an important stadium to play in. it’s exciting This is where you show people what you can do.

People think, ‘This is Charlton vs United’ but they thought the same when we played Brighton and lads. We’ve proven them wrong. There is always a chance to win and disappoint your opponent. So we have a chance to win. And that’s what I feel.