‘Isak’ insists Salika hopes to make amends after the FA Cup win

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Newcastle United striker Alexander Isak insists they are aiming for a comeback. After losing to Sheffield Wednesday last weekend,

Newcastle were beaten 2-1 by the Owls in the FA Cup at the weekend.

Isak Newcastle aiming for a comeback in the League Cup That they will face Leicester City tonight

′′ It’s disappointing to be injured. When you come to a new club You can’t disappear. but personally It helps me a lot that the team is doing well and we are winning most of the time. It helps and allows you to focus on your recovery,” he says. The UFABET report

“Having to watch the team from the dressing room. You really felt we wanted to come back from the Sheffield game, so it was good that we had the opportunity to make amends immediately. I know the team wants to do that. The boss also spoke about that. After losing at the weekend, we want to come back

. “I got injured playing for the national team and I have pain in my thighs Sometimes the process is complicated. I just did my best and worked as hard as I could to get it back. now i’m back I’m happy and don’t want to focus too much on the injury ′ ′ ′

′ It’s very difficult. It’s something you can’t control when it happens. I just have to accept it and try to come back as soon as possible. It’s not that fast. But now I’m happy I want to score goals and assists every game.”