Kane can improve ship performance more than Haaland

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Former Tottenham Hotspur star Jamie O’Hara believes Harry Kane will be more of a lift to Manchester City than Erling Haaland

. The best job in the Premier League at the moment, with Haaland scoring 21 goals while Kane netted 15,

however, O’Hara believes Kane could help “The Blues” become a better team than Ha. Lund, of his more complete abilities:

“I watch him all the time and I don’t know where Spurs would be without Harry Kane because he helps the team week in, week out,” he told  UFABET

. Talking about Haaland this season because his goalscoring record is unbelievable but Harry Kane and Tottenham are just as good.

“He scores goals almost every game. He scores every time he plays for us. His header against Brentford was amazing, he could shoot curveballs and score goals from outside the box. I think he’s one of the best strikers in the world ′

′ I watch Haaland and watch Man City, if Harry Kane plays for Man City I think they will be a better team than they are in the world. Now ′ ′ ′

′ I know Haaland scores a lot of goals. So that’s great, but for me Harry Kane is the better player. I think he’s one of the best No. 9 and No. 10 players in the world

. A lot of Man City fans talk about how good Haaland is, but they rely on him a lot and he only scores goals. But not many fans think about how we can recover. If Kane played for Man City they would have been a better team.