Manchester United still doesn’t sell Hoylund shirts

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Manchester United still doesn’t sell Hoylund shirts according to ยูฟ่าเบท

They should have from selling new striker Rasmus Hojlund shirts. Not even a single pound. After closing the deal to grab players to strengthen the army for a while And the players already made their debut in the 1-3 loss to Arsenal the weekend before the international break.

Hoylund was snatched from Atalanta to Old Trafford for a low price of 64+8 million pounds and even though he just made his first substitute appearance at the Emirates Stadium. And still can’t score a goal. received praise from fans Not least in personal playing form.

At this time, Hoylund went to serve with the Danish national team. And played in both matches of the Euro 2024 qualifiers, winning 4-0 against San Marino and 1-0 against Finland, meaning the 20-year-old striker should be fully ready to start for Manchester United in the next game against Brighton on Saturday. this

However, it has been revealed that Manchester United fans are still unable to purchase Hojlund jerseys from the megastore at Old Trafford, much like the club itself. You can make money from selling Hoylund shirts as well.

The cause is that Manchester United’s megastore does not stock the letter ø at all. The Danes striker’s name is spelled with the Danish letter instead of the English letter O. And it’s not clear when they’ll actually able to sell jerseys bearing Højlund’s name.

“This is very strange,” said one Red Devils fan. “He is our big summer signing. But you can’t buy a shirt with his name on it. Because the letter ø was not prepared.”

“It shows how unprepared and ridiculous their business is. Even in this basic