‘Tuchel’ points out three problems with the Red Devils

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Thomas Tuchel, manager of Bayern Munich, believes that they lack players with fighting personalities, quality. And the number of reserve forces is part of why Manchester United have performed so poorly this season. After the fateful game at Old Trafford,

which ended with a 1-0 victory for Bayern Munich thanks to Kingsley Coman’s goal, knocking Manchester United out of the round. Champions League star Tuchel has given his thoughts on the Red Devils, pointing out their three main problems at the moment.  ufabet https://ufabet999.com/

“I always sympathize with other coaches. But with competitive games We must try every means to win. This is the reason for who we are. And this is what it is. These are the rules of elite sports. We have to play at the highest level. To win our competition.” 

“Of course I sympathize. I think he had several key players injured in a decisive game like this. You can see that they lack players with this type of personality. Including quality and perhaps reserves to change the game from the bench. I think you saw that.

“ It’s not an easy time but I’m sure he knows what to do next. He knows how to motivate his team. He doesn’t need my advice. And He doesn’t need me to go up and pat him on the shoulder to comfort him.” “He has enough experience to go through these things. I also had a bad time like last Saturday. As a coach I can tell you that sometimes you feel very alone. But in the overall picture I feel for all of my fellow professionals because I know what it takes to make it through.”